SD2VITA doesn't work

i don't want to buy 100$ for 64G pls help

You finally got rid of your expensive little cony MemoryCard and want to use that fresh SD2VITA you just bought for 3 bucks on Ali Express. But when you insert it into the Vita it just doesn't work? Don't worry I'll cover the usual solutions to solve this.

1 - Did I install the plugin the right way?

This is the most common case. Usually, people buy a SD2VITA as soon as they begin to hack their Vita and they don't set the plugin correctly. And we can check that. If you're using storage manager, there's a way to know if it is running or not. Check ur0:tai/storagemgrlog.txt if it exist. If it doesn't then you didn't install the plugin correctly so head back to the plugin section and try to redo it. If it exists, then go to the next step.

Note for YAMT-Lite users:

  • Only run the app once (each time you will run it, it will install/uninstall)

  • Do not let it active when you want to insert a Gamecard instead of a SD2VITA

2 - Did I format the MicroSD according to the guide?

Another common issue, is that StorageMgr can't read the SD2VITA, open the log.txt file and look for the GCD detection part. If you see "GCD NOT DETECTED" in the log, then that means it couldn't read the SD2VITA. There is 2 reason, you are the culprit or the SD2VITA is the culprit (there's always a small chance of you getting a bad build and its happened a lot in the community, the only solution is to buy another. We can't tell you a reliable source and we don't know in advance if the SD2VITA is well made or not. Although V6 exist for that purpose).

To see if you are the culprit, then let's try formatting the MicroSD again. Redo the formatting step in vita hacks guide: If you're a Mac or Linux user, then don't follow that part and flash zzblank.img, it is only needed because Windows doesn't format the MicroSD card in the correct way for the vita. There's a Linux section and Mac section in the guide.

If Mac user wants my own instruction for formatting their MicroSD card here's some commands you will need to input in a terminal to format it correctly.

diskutil list #find your sdcard (should be something like /dev/disk2)
diskutil unmount /dev/disk2   sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/disk2 #don't forget to change disk2 to your disk number
# remove and reinsert storage device 
sudo newfs_exfat -R /dev/disk2 #for microsd up to 128GB (may need to remove and reinsert to see it in finder)
sudo newfs_exfat -R  -c 128 /dev/disk2  #for microsd starting from 256GB
#Copy contents over to memory card

If you followed the steps correctly and it still doesn't work, then try again with another MicroSD card. If it still doesn't work, then it's fair to assume that you got a dead SD2VITA. And the only option left is to buy another one.

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