Welcome to the Vita troubleshooting guide !

People hack their Vita for various reasons. • Enjoying the great world of emulators • Going on a rampage in GTA • Racing with Gran Turismo • Playing an action-packed game like Pursuit Force • Feeding your nostalgia and playing the original Sonic, Mario, Metal Slug or an assortment of arcade games

They can also hack their Vita so they can hack their games or to use mods to improve the experience. Things like fan translations, season updates to games like FIFA or even texture packs in Minecraft.

Usually when one hacks their Vita system, they try to unlock the full potential of the PSVita by modding it. Examples include: • Using plugins to enhance the PSVita performance with overclocking • Avoid getting their eyes burned with VitaBright • Downloading files from the web browser • Using a MicroSD in place of the proprietary PSVita memory cards to save thousands of bucks for a high storage capacity • Playing ports of games on the PSVita or streaming PC games with Moonlight

There is so much stuff to do with the PSVita and thanks to the constant effort of the community it's getting better every day.

But, to enjoy the great world of PSVita modding, we need to tackle every issue that arises. Otherwise, it can be frustrating to not know what to do when a simple Google search doesn't give you a straight answer.

I will guide you through the most common problems that may occur on your Vita. In the menu, select the topic where you face an issue and thoroughly read the guide associated with the problem. If you don't understand something, or are unsure about a step, you can join the HENkaku Discord server and ping the helper team to help you. Alternatively, you can contact me directly through Twitter at the following account: @Cimmerian_Iter

Credit: I want to thank the awesome Vita community for the good memories I was able to make. Watching it grow from the start in 2016 to what it is today. To have met different kind of people, whenever it's a simple end user asking for my help, or good buddies I was able to make like some CBPS members (Dots TB, Coderx, Silica, Caghandemir) or SKGleba with who I really enjoyed testing his stuff and beating him in PUBG or Killzone ;) Thanks to those people I was able to learn a lot about the PSVita and its software mechanism. I was able to set myself up with a good knowledge about it that I can share with the end users and help them on whatever problems they have. It also gave me the opportunity to speak to high figures of the hacks like Davee, Yfanlu, xyz and TheFloW. Something I had never imagined doing during the PSP era when I was a mere end user. This is why I devote myself to help users, because I want them to enjoy the PSVita as much as I love it (and they also donated to me 80$ so I can buy a new Vita after I bricked mine while running some tests. As a thanks for what I have done for them). It is usually hard to get some help when people don’t respect you or make fun of you because you're a n00b, or when you fail to find the answer for your question anywhere. I wanted to change all of this. Thanks to the help of friends like me who enjoy helping people (God Ginrai, Tyke, Kasha, Phil, Megugao, and Xcorra when he was still there). They also supported me while creating this guide and gave me some hints. And thanks to PipeWarp, a user who I helped to unbrick his Vita and became my friend. He gave me the screenshot, set up the Github page as an alternative to this Gitbook and proofread the guide to avoid the eyes of native English speaker to burn because of the existence of some grammar errors. We have offered the best kind of help service I was dreaming of providing to the community in the HENkaku server. And this is the reason I created this troubleshooting guide. I aim to update it to make it more complete, like including a game mod or VitaCheat section. As well as some other stuff if you want me to add.

If you ever want to thank me for the guide, drop a message to the Discord or on Twitter I’m always happy to see that what I do is useful for people. Also please subscribe to my Patreon. (Joking, I don't have a Patreon and I don't do that for money. But if you ever want to buy me a cup of orange juice, you can donate to my Paypal, if you feel generous enough: samilops2@gmail.com )\

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