No Payne, No Gain

Since Rockstar decided to just skip the PSVita and focus on Android why don’t we grab those games from Android and put them on the Vita? Since the GTA series (2D and 3D era) has been entirely ported to the PSVITA, thanks to a co effort from fgsfdsfgs and TheFlow, we can play the Android version on Vita with a .so wrapper (kind of like WINE does for Linux)

What do I need?

  • The game obviously. Don't go installing the .vpk and expecting the full game. First download the game on your phone. If you’re like me and an iOS (masterace) user, then you can install Bluestacks (Android emulator easy to use) to download the game on your PC directly.

  • The .vpk and from the Github

  • Approximately 1.8GB of data of free space

  • kubridge, libshacccg and fdfix

  • Patience. I'm not joking you need to follow the steps closely.

  • This guide

Kubridge? libshacccg? fdfix?

Make sure you have libshacccg in ur0:data, if you don't have it then follow that guide to acquire it.

As for Kubridge (lifts some restrictions on some memory management) and fdfix they are 2 essential plugins you need. (If you are a Repatch user, then don't install fdfix. Repatch also does fix the file descriptors being invalidated after suspend and resume leading to some homebrew/ports crashing when you wake up the Vita).

Download the required plugins and place them in the tai folder you use (If you don't know how to install plugins, then check the how to install plugin section)

Then write those 2 lines under *KERNEL in the config.txt (in case you put them in ur0:tai)


Remember that you need to respect some conventions with plugins, like the SD2Vita plugins always at the top of the Kernel section. Once it's done you can reboot.

Ok, I have the game installed on my phone, how do I transfer it?

Once you paid for the game and installed it on your phone we will need to transfer the .apk and the .obb. The .obb isn't hard to get, it's located in /sdcard/android/obb/com.rockstar.maxpayne/

As for the .apk it's different. Either you're a hackerman and know how to use adb, you can follow this If using a terminal scares you and you never scrolled in the settings app, then just install this app on your phone to extract the .apk of the game.

Once you have the two files, put them somewhere on your PC. We will work with those 2 files.

So do I rename .apk to .vpk and install it?

Well yes, but actually no. A .apk is like .vpk, it's a zip file. Rename .apk to .zip and open it with whatever tool you usually use to extract the assets folder

Once you have extracted the assets folder, rename it to maxpayne and send it to your vita. It should be here:


NOTE: it's possible to put the maxpayne folder in uma0:data/ or imc0:data/

Then we will need the .so library, you can find it here: lib/armeabi-v7a/

Take that file and put it inside the maxpayne folder in your PSVita

Now we need to extract the contents of the .obb files. No need to Google .obb extractor, the .obb file is just a zip. So same as for the .apk, rename it to .zip.

You can extract all of those files to the maxpayne folder again. And if you want to save some extra MB you can delete some files

  • Keep the v2.msf (English) and the .msf of your language (For example I'm French I will keep MaxPayneSoundsFrenchv2.msf) and delete the others .msf that you don't need.

NOTE: some .obb ship the Japanese sound bank as MaxPayneSoundsJapanesev2. If you want to use the Japanese voices, then rename it to MaxPayneSoundsJapanesev3

Once it's done you can now extract the maxpayne folder from the you have downloaded from the Github to the root of the ux0:data folder (Overwrite files if asked)

And you should have everything you need in order to make it run! Now install the .vpk and play the game. ! If the game crashes at boot make sure you have everything in place.

For example:

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